Doug Kent Paintings
Our Mother Was Different Than Us
Our Mother Was Different Than Us - 2005   18 x 24    Mixed Media on Canvas

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Artist Doug Kent, has been living and working on the island of Martha’s Vineyard for more than thirty years. Originally informed by Surrealists, the German Expressionists and American Painters of the early 20th century.Doug has come to find inspiration for his continually evolving and evocative art from the intensely beautiful landscapes surrounding him.

In recent years Doug has developed an innovative mixed media technique involving a combination of water color and acrylics worked together. He has also begun to paint on a variety of materials in addition to canvas, including: wooden panels, ironing boards and wooden bowls.

Doug has exhibited in galleries in Massachusetts, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. His work resides in collections as far afield as Singapore ,Australia,Japan,Europe,and Latin America. With a career spanning three decades, his catalog of work is both voluminous and impressive.